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OTA Widget

Triphealer is an exciting new platform that offers users the flexibility to customize their trips or choose from existing itineraries on the website. Within a short span of time, Triphealer has garnered much attention for its customized itinerary planning tool. With over 14000 cities and 2,00,000 attractions from across the world, the scope and ease of planning is what makes us a formidable player in this field.

The travel industry is slowly becoming all about personalization. Our OTA widget gives you that edge in this competitive field and makes it easier for you to hold your visitors’ interest. One size doesn’t fit all; the widget lets your users customize your travel packages and gives you the advantage of tailor made offerings.

Here’s how the OTA widget will help you:

  • Engage your existing traffic as they chalk out their trip on the OTA widget.
  • Study user behavior and preferences and address the choices of your premium audience.
  • Generate more leads from your existing traffic.
  • Explore and learn from the customized choices of your audience.
  • Historical trends show a 10% conversion of hot leads through the widget.
  • Choose from the free or the white label version of the widget.
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